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on Long Island",

CBS New York

Our Historic Tasting Room (Circa 1690)

Outdoor Movies on the Vineyard Terrace

What people are saying about our tasting room....

“The future of stepping back in time!”

Robert B., Old Field

“It’s like Tuscany on the North Shore of Long Island”

Anne D., Columbus Ohio

“The most unique tasting room I’ve ever been to and WOW”

Donald L., Napa, CA

“A tasting room like no other I’ve ever seen”

Jackie K., Manhattan

“So cozy, I don’t want to leave”

Marie M., Manhattan

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Waterfront Gazebo

On this page we show you how we moved our tasting room.  The speeded up video shows the entire move which took place in 1999.  The house was originally built in 1690 and added onto by noted New York architect, Archibald M. Brown in 1904.  While it was not feasible to move all of Brown's additions, most of the 10,000 sq. ft. original mansion was moved from the center of the "farm" to the head of the waterfront western vineyard block.   Listed on the Register of National Historic Places, "The Old East Farm House"  was fully restored to it’s original splendor and provides an interesting and as well as relaxing venue for Harmony Vineyard’s wine tasting and "The Harmony Club".