Enter at your own risk.
An inherent risk of exposure to COVID-19 exists in any public place where people are present.
Visitors voluntarily assume all risks related to exposure to COVID-19 and by simply entering our establishment you agree to hold us harmless from infection.

NYS Phased Re-opening Visitor Policy

We have gone to great lengths to make sure your visit will be as enjoyable and safe as possible. In order to ensure that during NYS Phased re-opening, we have to follow the NYS law and adopt a strict visitor policy in concert with NYS and SLA guidance.
Opening Policy:
1.    Since 100% of our business will be conducted outdoors, we will not open if raining or forecasted rain is over 50%. Access to our bathrooms will be provided.
2.    We reserve the right to close for safety reasons at any time and never hope we have to.
Gaining Entry to Harmony Policy: 
1.    No one under 21 will be permitted onto the property anytime during NYS Phased re-opening. No exceptions. Children can hinder social distancing.
2.    You will be required to confirm that no one in your family is currently ill and that you have not been exposed to someone with COVID-19 in the last two weeks before you leave your vehicle. 
3.    BRING YOUR OWN MASKS!  You must show masks for each person in your party upon arrival.  You will be refused entry if one or more in your party doesn’t have one.  
4.    You must agree to wear a mask when away from tables.
5.    No Pets – Pets can hinder social distancing.
6.    We will attempt to collect all guests’ names and contact information for NYS contact tracing.
Safe Behavior at Harmony Policy:
1.    Once our hostess seats you, you may not change tables unless assisted by our hostess.
2.    You may not move tables or other furniture.  This interferes with our social distancing and disinfection procedures.
3.    No parties may be greater than 6 people for Phased re-opening. Tables may not be combined.
4.    No outside food may be brought onto our premises.
5.    No coolers & outside beverages allowed anywhere on the property.
6.    No private parties without reservations.
7.    Let’s get through this together Safely and have a great time at Harmony!

Our Regular Visitor Policy

Harmony Vineyards is a wine tasting room and wine bar with a spectacular outdoor waterfront ADULT environment to relax and unwind in! We have an Over 21 Vineyard Terrace seating area overlooking the vines down to the waterfront. We have gone to great lengths to make sure your visit will be as enjoyable as possible. In order to ensure that, we have a strict visitor policy.

  1. No one under 21 permitted onto the property after dusk including movie, harmony club & trivia nights.
  1. No outside food may be brought onto our premises.
  1. No coolers & outside beverages allowed anywhere on the property
  1. No private parties without reservations.

Tables for tastings greater than 8 guests whether indoor or outdoor must be reserved ahead of time.  Call or email us

  1. Children

Harmony vineyards welcomes families with well behaved children and expects parents to supervise them constantly during their stay. For safety,

    • We do not permit children to run around tables, play on retaining walls, staircases, or fences.
    • Children must be strictly supervised by parents at the waterfront.
    • No ball play is allowed anywhere on the property.
    • Children are not permitted on the premises after dark.
  1. Wine glasses

Our wine glasses are not souvenirs unless you choose to purchase them. Leaving our premises without a receipt is considered theft.

  1. Dogs

We are dog lovers and are a dog friendly vineyard. However, in deference to our guests who may not share our feelings and for everyone’s comfort and safety, please adhere to the following rules:

Dogs are not allowed in the tasting house, or on our vineyard terrace. Please restrict them to our lower vineyard seating areas. Kindly leave your dogs at home when the weather is poor since our business will be conducted indoors.

    • Only well-socialized, friendly and quiet dogs are welcome.
    • Dogs must be on a short leash at all times (no flexi-leads).
    • Dogs must be cleaned up after. Please bring your own pick-up bags.
    • No dogs after dusk.
  1. Parking

No parking on roads is permitted in the village of the head of the harbor. Roads are narrow here. Cars parked on the road pose safety issue and will be subject to ticketing and towing. Our valet service will assure you safe parking.